Support streets for people and have fun doing it.

Host your own fundraiser to support our organization. This is an effective way to celebrate the transportation initiatives you care about while supporting our organization financially!

Ember Rasmussen in an Our Streets shirt speaking to a large group of people.

Let us know you’d like to host a fundraiser.

We want to support you and help make your event successful! You can request tabling materials, a tent, literature on campaigns, and the attendance of our executive director.

Make a budget and fundraising goal.

Establish a budget for your event and what you’d like to provide attendees. Set a balanced fundraising goal for your event. It’s useful to set aggressive goals so that people feel like their donation is helping that goal. You don’t want to too-easily meet your fundraising goal early and have attendees feel like their donation is not needed.

Choose a date, venue, and invitation method.

Choose a date that won’t be competing with other community events. Figure out where you’d like to host, whether indoors or outdoors, and a backup “poor weather” plan if applicable. Set up a Facebook or Eventbrite event where you can manage RSVPs. Other alternatives are a free evite or app like Hobnob. You can make it a hybrid event by also fundraising on Facebook.

Consider inviting people outside your circle who are leaders in your community. If the event is open to the public, consider printing flyers and submitting them to local papers and media outlets to include on their event calendars. We can provide graphics and logos for event invitations upon request.

Make a list of all necessary event materials you’ll need.

Use this sample list for your specific fundraiser. Email to coordinate picking up any materials Our Streets will provide. Evaluate whether you’ll need help “staffing” a table where people can make donations and sign up for more information while you host.

Use the communication timeline to map out invites, social posts, and reminders.

The communications timeline is helpful in making some noise about the event and getting the word out to ensure a good turnout. Use samples, and make sure to tag us so we can cross-promote.

Host the event!

Make sure people are having fun, understand what Our Streets is all about, and feel empowered to donate if they so choose. They can donate via a QR code that goes to our website, cash, or check! Don’t forget to get photos of the event or assign someone to take photos. Use this shot list!

Take some time to welcome and thank your guests and talk about your connection to Our Streets. Here’s a sample script you can use.

Return materials to Our Streets and share feedback.

Coordinate with the office to drop off materials used to host, including the contact information of guests and photos from the event. Share feedback on what we do well to support fundraising and how we can improve.