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  • Rendering of boulevard where I-94 is, aerial drone shot looking west towards Minneapolis with the skyline in the background. Full of trees and green space, bus rapid transit lanes, and new development

    Tell MnDOT to fix the Rethinking I-94 Process

    A new report highlights the enormous community benefits of highway removal and points out major flaws with MnDOT’s evaluation process. Send an email today to ask key project decision-makers to fix the Rethinking I-94 process before it is too late.
    March 21, 2024
blurry image of cars on i-94 bridge, with brake lights and headlights

Traffic: “You get what you build for”

Data has shown that expanding highways causes more people to drive, thus worsening traffic congestion. This is called induced demand, and it is why the country’s biggest highways are also the ones jammed with traffic.

HIghway cap illustration

Highway Caps Vs. Removal

While caps can be an attractive alternative to standard bridges over a depressed highway, they only address the micro problems that the highway causes, not the macro issues.

Image of bikes outside of Dogwood Coffee on Lake Street.

Bikes are Good for Business

It’s understandable for local business owners to fear losing a parking space means losing revenue, but there is no data to support this fear. Many studies show unchanged or improved local economic impacts when active transportation options are included in street redesign.

Aerial image of separated bike land with greenery and raised curb separating bikers from car traffic. (Toole Design Group)

Universal Design for Complete Streets

While it might not be at the front of your mind, the way streets are designed in your community impacts your likelihood of being involved in a crash, your ability to get around without a car, and the quality of air you breathe.

A Guide to MnDOT’s Olson Memorial Highway Survey

A Guide to MnDOT’s Olson Memorial Highway Survey

MnDOT is now taking feedback on four initial project designs for the future of Olson Memorial Highway in Minneapolis. Thanks to community support, these include options that would restore a walkable main street in the Near North. Here is what you need to know when filling out the survey and how you can support the movement to Bring Back 6th.