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We work to make streets places where people can easily and comfortably walk, bike, roll, and use public transit.

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We elevate and center community voices and desires, focusing on those who have been most harmed and left out of transportation decisions.

Our Streets is a thoughtful organization that addresses root causes to create real, sustainable change for our community.

– Sonya Perez-Lauterbach, Near-North Minneapolis Resident

It’s a really exciting opportunity to learn about my city.

– Michelle Kwan, Minneapolis Resident on Open Streets MPLS

All we know is this island surrounded by highways. We would love to reconnect with other communities.

– Abdirizak Bihi, Cedar-Riverside Resident

I do have concerns about the health and well-being of our community around the I-94 corridor.

– Laura Mann Hill, Million Artist Movement

We can learn lessons in one day that we can build into making streets more human every day.

– RT Rybak, Former Minneapolis Mayor on Open Streets MPLS

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We’re dedicated to making streets for people

Our team works hard to create positive visions for a people-centric future that repairs past and present harms caused by unjust transportation decision-making.