Twin Cities Boulevard Sign On Letter featuring company logos of companies who have signed on

Six new community organizations have signed on to the Twin Cities Boulevard sign-on letter.

We are grateful for the support of Sustain St. Paul, Hamline-Midway Coalition, St. Anthony Park Community Council, Union Park District Council, Neighborhoods First! and Transition Town All St. Anthony Park and look forward to working together to make the Twin Cities Boulevard vision a reality.

Contact Your Neighborhood Association Today!

The Twin Cities Boulevard is a growing movement and success will require solidarity among all of the communities along the highway corridor.

Do you live in a neighborhood along the Rethinking I-94 project area?

Send an email to your neighborhood organization to share your support for the Twin Cities Boulevard. Below is a table with contact names and email addresses for each neighborhood organization in the 7.5 project corridor.

Neighborhood OrganizationContact NameEmail Address
Seward Neighborhood GroupMichael Jon Olson, Executive
Cedar Riverside Community CouncilAJ Awed, Executive
Prospect Park AssociationLiza Davitch, Administrative and Communications CoordinatorClick for contact form
St. Anthony Park Community CouncilKathryn Murray, Executive
Union Park District CouncilAbdulrahman Wako, Executive
Lexington-Hamline Community CouncilCatherine Hinz, Executive
Hamline-Midway CoalitionSarah O’Brien, Executive
Frogtown Neighborhood AssociationTia Williams, Co-Director
Caty Royce, Co-Director
Summit University Planning CouncilJens Werner, Executive

Neighborhood Organization Contact Information in the Rethinking I-94 Project Corridor

If your organization or community group would like to join the support letter, you can do so by sign-on here.

For any questions, please email Alex Burns at