Image of children lined up in front of a large Chevy Truck demonstrating the large blind spot due to vehicle size.

Minnesota must address the pedestrian safety crisis by regulating heavy and oversized vehicles. Vehicles in America have rapidly become bigger and heavier. Automakers have prioritized SUV’s and trucks over smaller models due to their higher profit margin. All five of the most popular automobile models in Minnesota were SUVs, with three out of the five being pickup trucks. The increasingly large US vehicle fleet is a major contributor to a pedestrian safety crisis in America. In 2023, United States pedestrian deaths reached a 40-year high. Heavier vehicles also significantly worsen wear and tear on roads and increase particulate pollution from tires. Currently, Minnesota has no regulations to disincentivize the use of heavy or oversized vehicles.

The legislature must address this issue by modifying registration fees to account for vehicle weight and size. These regulations will incentivize the purchase of lighter and smaller vehicles, resulting in less roadway wear and tear, fewer pedestrian deaths, less pollution, and more affordable car options. The revenue from the registration fees would be redirected to the state’s Active Transportation and Safe Routes to School funds to support street safety improvements across the state. Exemptions to the new fee should be added for low-income registrants and vehicle owners with disabilities. Colorado and New York are among states considering a similar solution.

Ask your legislators to regulate heavy and oversized vehicles.

Take action and contact decision-makers.