i-94 from the pedestrian bridge by augsburg, with the chain link fence in focus

We are excited to announce a new coalition tasked with co-creating a positive, community-centered vision for a future without urban highways in the state of Minnesota. Central to the work at Our Streets, the coalition’s primary objective is to repair past and present harms caused by unjust highway transportation infrastructure routing, construction, and decision-making and create opportunities for impacted neighborhoods and communities to be restored, reconnected, and revitalized.


In order to elevate and center community voices, the coalition is composed of core partners from the communities impacted by highways, community development partners to generate community gathering and engagement opportunities, and policy partners to create the necessary benchmarks–with the support of Our Streets’ research partners—to ensure communities stay in place and benefit from the improvements.

To ensure that decision-makers are accountable to the community through transparent, public action and that the coalition’s work is transparent and accessible to all, the Our Streets organizing team will support door-to-door outreach and amplify opportunities for community-led action as the coalition builds shared power across the state.

Stay tuned to learn about the coalition’s core, community, and research partner organizations.