Photo by Janelle Nivens of the intersection of Lyndale Avenue and Lake Street.

Hennepin County is reconstructing Lyndale Avenue South (County Road 22) between Franklin Avenue (County Road 5) and 31st Street.

Community Open House

Attend the Open House at SpringHouse Ministry Center on June 11 from 4-6 PM to advocate for Concept B with Bikeway to ensure the new Lyndale Avenue is safe and promotes all modes of transit, not just cars.

About the Survey

Hennepin County has released the initial project concepts for the Lyndale Avenue S reconstruction project. The proposed concepts include designs that feature protected bikeways, bus-only lanes, and expanded green space. However, none of the proposed concepts make space for all three of these critically important features. Hennepin County is unnecessarily pitting space for people biking and riding transit in competition, while space for cars, including parking lanes, is included in all of the proposed concepts.

screenshot of survey with leading question
The survey is a bad example of community feedback solicitation; it’s confusing and has leading questions like the one above.

Take the Hennepin County survey and share your support for “Concept B with bikeway”, along with the following changes:

  • The bikeway should extend to 31st Street, not end at 28th Street
  • Dedicated transit lanes in both directions
  • Tabled intersections or raised crosswalks
  • No added car lanes near Lake and Franklin
  • Planted medians with trees
  • Narrow lanes to prevent speeding and maximize green space
  • Gates to facilitate Open Streets events
  • Financial support for Lyndale businesses during construction