Aerial rendering of a restored 6th Avenue North, showing trees and greenspace, land available for community land trust development, bus only lanes, bike lanes, wide sidewalks, and more.

Councilmembers Robin Wonsley and Jeremiah Ellison authored a historic resolution to address the historic and ongoing harms of Olson Memorial Highway, a notoriously unsafe highway that destroyed a Black and Jewish community when constructed and continues to divide and pollute communities. Email the Public Works & Infrastructure (PWI) Committee and express support of this resolution.

What does the resolution say?

You can read the full document here, but essentially the resolution serves as a public endorsement in support of the removal of Olson Memorial Highway from the City of Minneapolis. 

In place of the low-trafficked, redundant highway, the resolution commits to supporting space for community-guided development, affordable housing and commercial space, new parks, and a transit corridor redesign that prioritizes public health, racial equity, safety, affordability, and sustainability.

Take Action

The Public Works & Infrastructure Committee meets May 4th at 1:30PM to decide whether to approve it for a full City Council vote. Express your support to the committee members!